Terms & Conditions


Auto Express Services Ltd Terms and Conditions

This product aims to meet the demands and needs of each customer whose vehicle requires a car service, MOT or repair with Auto Express Services Ltd.


01. A contract will be binding between Auto Express Services Ltd and the customer upon the booking of “car service”.

02. If you place an order via the phone or internet you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into a contract of sale and you are at least 18 years old and reside in the UK.

03. Auto Express Services Ltd will provide details of the cost of each car service and the work required before the work is done. All work and costs, including additional work must be approved by the customer before any work is carried out.

04. If the car service cannot be done within 1 day due to circumstances beyond Auto Express Services Ltd.’s control, an advisor will contact the customer and inform them accordingly – this may sometimes be due to parts not being delivered or the work required may take longer to complete. In an event whereby works agreed is put on hold by the customer, Auto Express Services reserves the right (unless otherwise stated in wiriting by Auto Express Services) to charge for the vehicle's storage until work completed or the vehicle is towed away from our premises.

05. All additional work is subject to VAT as required by law.

06. Special oils or spark plugs may be required for your vehicle service. These will be an additional charge and a servicing stop advisor will inform you of the costs on the day of your service.

07. All parts used will adhere to the manufacturers service schedule and warranty and will be of “original equipment” (OE) standard – ensuring all warranties are validated.

08. In addition to your Statutory Rights, a Parts & Labour Warranty is provided for a period of 12 months (or within 12,000 miles - whichever comes first) of work carried out by Auto Express Services  Ltd. The Warranty covers replacement defective parts or related workmanship.

09. Some parts have a surcharge which Auto Express Services Ltd will claim back on an exchange basis, eg starter motors, engines, alternators. The supplier of the new part/s will then credit the old unit meaning no charge to the customer. It is the customer responsibility to check if an items being replaced on their vehicle come with a surcharge. The customer will only be informed of a surcharge if the customer has to pay the surcharge due to the old item being damaged in anyway. Auto Express Services Ltd will only keep the old unit for a maximum of 2 days, if the part has been sent back to the part supplier for credit and the customer wishes to pay for the old unit outside the 2 days, the customer will then need to contact the parts supplier directly.   

10. The Warranty is dependent upon:
10. (a). Auto Express Services Ltd being given an opportunity to investigate or rectify any faults within a reasonable timeframe.

10. (b). The manufacturer’s vehicle operating instructions being followed.

10. (c). Having the vehicle serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule (at the time or distance specified).

09. (d). Full compliance with any Auto Express Services Ltd advisories, warnings and information or any instructions provided by Auto Express Services Ltd.

10. (e). The parts or workmanship carried out not being subjected to abnormal conditions or unreasonable wear and tear.

10. (f). All warranty work is to be carried out at Auto Express Services Ltd as your warranty will be invalid if the vehicle is repaired at any other garage. If you do have any work that is under warranty repaired at another garage, Auto Express Services ltd will only consider a warranty job if the original part that was sold via Auto Express Services ltd is given back for assessment. Any labour will be exempt and consideration will only be made for parts supplied.   

11. Ways to pay:
11. (a). Upon completion of work, you will be required to make payment using one of the following payment methods:

If you are unable to pay by debit or credit card, you can pay electronically by bank transfer. To pay by bank transfer and to obtain the account details please contact our call centre during office hours. Please be aware that if you decide to pay electronically; the length of time it takes for funds to clear will vary with each bank. We therefore advise that you contact your bank upon receipt of our bank details and before making payment, to get an expected time of clearance. Auto Express Services ltd will not release your vehicle until payment is received and funds are cleared, so it is important that you consider your payment options before making a booking.

Cash payments:
If you are unable to pay online or by BACs, you can pay for the work in cash, however, it must be paid directly into the Auto Express Services ltd bank account. Please contact our office, during office hours, to obtain further details on how to pay by cash.

11. (b). We accept payment from all major debit and credit cards, (except American Express). If you choose to make payment via credit card; there will be a supplement of 3.0% which will be added to the total invoice amount.

12. Auto Express Services Ltd does not accept any liability for any damage or losses suffered by the Customer from the storage of its vehicle at Auto Express Services Ltd. There is a storage fee of £15 per day for parking storage and £45 per day for ramp storage if you wish for the garage to hold your car for any reason unless this has been agreed with by a representative of Auto Express Services Ltd.

13. The customer has the right to cancel his car service at any time, as long as any of the agreed work to date has been paid for up to the point of cancellation.

14. Collection & Delivery is FREE at Auto Express Services Ltd however in the event that your vehicle malfunctions or brakes down, this is not Auto Express Services Ltd’s responsibility or the drivers. Auto Express Services Ltd have the right to refuse a pick up or drop off if the driver feels the vehicle is not in a reasonable condition internally for them to drive. All vehicles should have the correct amount of fuel needed for collection & drop off.  The insurance cover on any courtesy or replacement vehicle provided by Auto Express Services Ltd garage will normally be covered by the garage's insurance. In the event of a claim on the insurance, the customer will be liable to pay the amount of the excess on the insurance. Also the customer must adhere to the terms and conditions of the said policy put in place by the garage. If insurance is not applicable to a courtesy car, Auto Express Services Ltd Garage will inform the customer who will then be required to provide their own insurance. Collection & Delivery times may vary due to unforeseen circumstances – a representative from Auto Express Services will always endeavour to contact you accordingly.

15. Auto Express Services Ltd will not be responsible or liable for any unforeseeable losses; losses that were not caused by Auto Express Services Ltd’s employees, agents or representatives' negligence or for any business losses. This does not affect any claim that the customer may have for death or personal injury. Nothing in this condition will affect the customer’s statutory rights that the works are performed with due skill and care, that the goods supplied are of satisfactory quality and are fit for their purpose and that the products and services correspond with their description.

16. Auto Express Services Ltd will not be responsible for any loss of valuable items left by the customer and are not connected to the vehicle or damage to such items.

17. Auto Express Services Ltd will not be liable for any damage or delay in the services provided if the reasons are down to “an act of God”, “industrial action such as strikes”, “government disputes” or factors to be deemed out of control of Auto Express Services Ltd.

18. Health & Safety laws will apply where applicable when each customers vehicle is serviced.

19. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are aware of what the service you are purchasing includes (this can be found in the detailed full/interim service schedule). We will also follow your manufacturer’s service schedule, and any additional items not included in our full / interim service may be charged at an extra cost, but will not be completed without prior authorisation.

20. Any complaint with respect to any car service done by Auto Express Services Ltd must be restricted to communications with Auto Express Services Ltd only. Auto Express Services Ltd will not be liable for resolving any mistakes, issues or problems unless all correspondence remains with Auto Express Services Ltd.  If in any case an email of complaint is unanswered by Auto Express Services Ltd, it is your responsibility to call the office as we cannot guarantee all email are received.    

21. Auto Express Services LTD will endeavour to resolve all disputes amicably and professionally normally within 30 days. If the dispute should take longer, Auto Express Services LTD will notify the customer accordingly.

22. Auto Express Services Ltd guarantee to beat any main dealer on a service price, as long as we have been provided a written comparable quote on a like for like basis - within a 40 mile radius of the collection address. Excluding any short term promotions, for example 'January Sale'.

23. Where the transaction value is over £1000 or a fraud alert is raised, Auto Express Services Ltd reserve the right to ask for the payment to be made by BACS/CHAPS.

24. When repairing any vehicle there is always a possibility that when changing a faulty part, other parts have to be removed or disturbed. If any of these parts malfunction due to this factor, Auto Express Services Ltd will not be held responsible to cover these parts unless they have been physically broken by a technician.